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We started making SPUNKS pumpkin seeds with a kick many years ago while living in New Orleans. We loved the nutritional value. We brought them along as a dish to share with others. We wondered why we consistently had nothing left to bring back home.


In some circles, PUNKS are short for pumpkins. Ours are seasoned and somewhat spicy, so I thought ‘SPUNKS’ said it.

Spunks bag of Sriracha and Pepper Kick

Our facility only roasts pumpkin seeds (pepitas). We avoid cross-contamination risk with peanuts or nuts. We have many customers who’ve thanked us. Our dry roasting approach adds NO oils, extending shelf life. SPUNKS are available in 2 different size bags with tear-off notches and are re-sealable. The 2-ounce bag is more of a grab-and-go type impulse item, and the 5-ounce bag is for the more serious cook or snacker. Both come in a convenient hanging hole for display purposes.

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Product Testimonials


While on a recent vacation with my family, I decided to test my tasting theory. We traveled over 4,000 miles across the western United States.


Not knowing what to expect, I loaded a case of my Spunks™ packages and off we went. I discovered that every person who tried my Spunks™ not only wanted a second helping, but wanted to know where to buy them.


Here are some of the testimonials:


  • Jessica (California)..... "Yummy! I would buy and recommend"
  • Walt and Marion (Washington)....."Very Tasty, could become addictive"
  • Vanessa (California)..... "Extremely good, seasoned perfectly"
  • Jacqui (England)..... "Yummy, Yummy Hot"
  • Irene (Nevada)..... "Best pumpkin seeds I've ever had!"
  • Jennifer (Nevada)..... "They are very good, would definitely buy more"
  • Chariece (Arizona)..... "I like regular pumpkin seeds, but your mixture of spices are excellent and would like to see Spunks™ on the market"


Theory: One taste and you too will want a little more spunk in your life.





Manufactured & Distributed by Spunkstore, LLC

Bothell, WA & Freeland, WA

Spunks bag of Sriracha and Pepper Kick

Spunks bag of Sriracha and Pepper Kick
Spunks bag of Sriracha and Pepper Kick
Spunks bag of Sriracha and Pepper Kick