Recipe Ideas


Recipe Ideas for Spunks™ Brand Spicy Roasted Organic Pumpkin Seeds




As a Soup Topper


Sprinkle Spunks™ brand spicy roasted organic pumpkin seeds on soups instead of crackers for a crispy, healthy and delicious soup topper.


1/4 cup added to your soup will add 14g protein and 3g dietary fiber!


As a Salad Topper


Spunks™ brand spicy roasted organic pumpkin seeds are a hearty, crisp and flavorful topping for salads.


Spunks™ are roasted in our unique way. Crunchy, crispy and healthy, even though it feels like you are eating a sinful snack.


Our organic roasted seeds also have a deliciously spicy kick from our all natural blend of spices.


Topping your salad with Spunks™ will add protein, fiber and other essential and beneficial nutrients.



As a Snack or with your Favorite Beverage

But when all is said and done, we still enjoy snacking on Spunks™ straight from the bowl or with an ice cold beverage.


It is a healthy, lowfat and natural food that tastes like an indulgent snack!


One serving of our Spunks™ brand spicy pumpkin seeds contains 220 calories packed with vitamins and minerals your body needs to run its best.






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Bothell & Freeland WA